2017 Design and Honor Awards Banquet

 2017 Design and Honor Award Winners

Design Excellence Award of Merit Residential
Chance Residence
Silberstein Architecture

The jury said the juxtaposition of a private and restrained façade to the street and an open and playful façade to the canal added an interesting twist to the proposed design. The jury also highlighted the creative use of materials and the attractive environment created by the thoughtful pool deck design.

Design Excellence Award of Honor Residential
Street Residence
Silberstein Architecture
The jury said the proposed design presented a strong and creative response to the program and the neighborhood specific land development regulations and preferred design characteristics. The use of clean forms, appropriate massing and scale resulted in a very elegant design.

Design Excellence Award of Merit Non-Residential
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Innovation Center
Leo A Daly

The jury said the proposed design presents interesting forms, which allow the exterior expression of the interior programmatic needs. The selected architectural style is an enriching design solution, given the variety of architectural styles in the entire complex. The interior spaces are also very successful in their fluidity as well as the dynamic quality of the natural light present.

 Award of Honor Sustainable Residential
Affordable Infill
Birse Thomas Architects with Jeffrey Huber, AIA, Architect

The jury appreciated the well-documented community outreach, which allowed the design team to successfully respond to the community interests. The design incorporated authentic references to the researched vernacular architecture and selected prototypes. The scale of the project is very pleasant and appropriate for the use.

 Award of Merit Unbuilt Residential
Yamato Villas
RLC Architects

The jury said the proposed building was viewed as a successful project in terms of its scale and massing, bringing a positive contribution to the pleasant atmosphere of the neighborhood. The elimination of the parking on the street and the inclusion of alleys to access the rear parking areas was a very creative solution to the program. The design of the passageways, with the inclusion of thoughtful landscaping, provides a pleasant pedestrian experience.

Award of Merit Unbuilt Non-Residential
Yamato Office Building
RLC Architects

The jury considered the proposed design an elegant and clean solution to the program. The building presents appropriate massing, proportions and scale, beautifully incorporating landscape. The screening devices selected to conceal the parking area were very successful.
John Stetson, FAIA Award
Denise Bas-Arzuaga, AIA
This award recognizes the AIA Palm Beach member that has gone above and beyond his or her service.
Bob Graham Architectural Awareness Award
Doug Harvey
This award is given to an individual citizen or publiic official who is not an architect but has advanced the caues of good design and planningor contributed to the dignit of the architectural profession.
Consulting Firm of the Year
Thompson & Youngross Engineering Consultants, LLC
This award recognizes a consulting firm in Palm Beach County who has strived to respect and enhance the built environment.
Craftsman Award
Architectural Details and Woodworking
This award is given to a craftsman in Palm Beach County who has exemplified interest, ingenuity and outstanding performance in the pursuit of one's trade or craft.
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