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What is the purpose of this program?         

The Code Compliant Plans program aims to train architects in better preparing their Construction Documents, in order to speed the process up in getting plans approved for a building permit. Plans examiners are not mind readers. The course instructs the individual on how to clearly present information that a plans examiner needs to qualify a building for a permit. The plan is open only to architects who have taken AIA Course No. PCD16, a two-hour continuing education course.

What types of projects can be submitted under the Pilot Program?

Any commercial project that that comprises a single use group (unseparated uses) of 10,000 gross square feet and under along with tenant improvement projects of under 50,000 square feet are eligible.

What jurisdictions are participating? 

The Pilot program is currently being conducted only in Palm Beach County.  Four jurisdictions are participating: Palm Beach County; The City of West Palm Beach; The City of Boynton Beach; and the Village of Wellington.

Will the Code Compliant Plans Program expand to other jurisdictions?

Based upon the results of the Pilot Program, the intent is to extend the program across the state of Florida.  AIA Florida plans to partner with The Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) to implement the program statewide as architects across the state are trained to better organize their plans.

What is the timing of the Pilot and a fully implemented Program?    

The Pilot Programs begins January 1, 2018 and has been extended through June 30, 2018; we will need a month to vet the results of the Pilot Program; then make a presentation to BOAF and hopefully gain their approval for statewide implementation. If BOAF agrees to become a partner in this Program we would begin to train architects at a later date.  The building types may be expanded at that point depending on negotiations with BOAF leadership.

What happens to the Program if the Pilot does gain its desired results? 

The program may still continue to be taught even if we do not gain the expedited review of our projects. The training that the course provides can only be a positive resource for speeding up the permit process