Membership in the American Institute of Architects

Membership in the AIA provides a resource for professional and personal enrichment; a means for architects and design professionals to collectively create an enhanced level of professional worth. The Palm Beach Chapter provides member services for architects, associates, emeritus and professional affiliates.

In addition to the benefits of membership on the national level, AIA Palm Beach provides an excellent program of member opportunities for each member category. Architects and associates maintain membership on three tiers: national, state and local levels of AIA.

To join the AIA, please HERE

Membership Forms and Application Resources

The membership applications for new and reinstating members are updated annually. Membership forms are used to facilitate membership updates, such as changes in status, or requests to transfer from one chapter to another. Please note, all membership applications are located on and we encourage all chapters to have prospective new and former members to join online.

Membership Forms

2020 Architect Application.pdf

2020 Architect to Emeritus Form.pdf  

2020 Associate Application.pdf

2020 Associate to Architect Form.pdf

2020 Dues Adjustment Form - Exceptional Circumstances.pdf

2020 Dues Adjustment Form.pdf  

2020 Dues Installment Program FAQ's.pdf  

2020 Dues Waiver Adjustment FAQs.pdf  

2020 Emeritus Secretary Waiver Application - Current Memb...pdf

2020 Emeritus Secretary Waiver Application - Reinstating ...pdf  

2020 International Associate Application.pdf

2020 Membership Policies.pdf

2020 National Allied Application.pdf  

2020 New Graduate Application - NAAB.pdf

2020 New Graduate Application- Non-NAAB.pdf

2020 Transfer Form.pdf  

Member chapter transfer and status change forms
2019 Associate to Architect Form