The Armory Art Center is located at, 811 Park Pl, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Currently they are having a problem with the shortage of space since over the past decade they have increased in class population. The site is currently divided into three buildings. The first building contains the craft meanwhile the center building contains the galleries and offices, lastly the building towards the residential side of the site contains the 2D art. The staff need expansion in almost all programs including a café, auditorium and rental space.

I began placing the programs in a cohesive manner that integrate the existing programs with the additional proposal. By placing the auditorium in the center of the courtyard, I created an attraction towards the center of the campus. Also, since the auditorium has to be at least thirty feet high, it allowed me to place programs at a height that could enhance views. While cantilevering over the parking lot, I promoted shelter to the cars while using the most that I could from the site. Lastly, I shifted the outer programs on the second floor so that I could offer views and sunlight to the inner programs, while additionally, creating deposits for open space and roof gardens.

Once I had the program as best as it could fit to the site I decided to look at the armory art center for inspiration on the exterior look of the building. I noticed that the center has columns along the façade of the building to give the building a formal image. My idea was to use columns to make the image of the additional proposal but in an abstract way that could use columns not only for support but also for the amplify the enhancement of space. Across the columns were patches of shades that provided shade to the programs to have the result of well-balanced light. I took my idea a step further because I was simply not pleased with the bland walls presented so I added a digital skin to wrap around and into the building. my intentions where to give off inspiration to the future by giving the building a digital skin that promotes a modern look. Along the digital lines LED s were to be embedded into the skin.

Furthermore, I expanded my idea onto the landscape by continuing the movement of the columns along the site. The motion running along the surface of the ground helps tie in the additional proposal to the existing buildings since it seems to connect the buildings together.